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Dental Implants

dental implants colorado springs, co

Have you lost your desire to smile because of missing teeth? Do you find it difficult to eat and enjoy your favorite foods? Do you wish you had more confidence? Victory Dental Group in Colorado Springs, CO offers winning solutions for winning smiles, and that  includes the restoration of dental implants. Dental implants are an amazing solution for missing teeth with a variety of benefits:
  • Improved day-to-day life
  • Greater confidence
  • Enhanced ability to chew your favorite foods
  • Maintained facial and bone structure
  • Better retention for removable dentures
  • In some cases, no need for removable dentures
Dental implants replace tooth roots when a tooth has been lost or extracted due to decay, gum disease, trauma or injury. Implants provide a sturdy foundation for tooth replacement. Dental implants offer a wonderful and lasting alternative to partial dentures or a bridge, and can also support and give retention for full dentures. They provide the enduring support to improve your overall comfort, physical appearance, eating, speech, and general oral health.
To determine if you would be a good candidate for dental implants, the first step would be a consultation with Dr. Koplow to discuss your restoration goals and the options available to you. Dr. Koplow strongly believes that our patients are best served by an Oral Surgeon for the actual placement of the dental implant. Our office will help facilitate getting you into the surgeon’s office and beginning your treatment once we’ve determined your treatment goals. After the implant has been placed and has been given time to heal and is completely integrated into the bone, you will return to our office for the final restoration.
The restoration of your dental implant will vary based on your treatment goals. All restorations will begin with the placement of an “Abutment”, a small piece that attaches to the implant buried beneath your gums. From there, we can fabricate single dental crowns, implant retained bridges, implant supported partial dentures, and implant supported full dentures.
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