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Dental Veneers

At Victory Dental Group, we provide winning solutions for winning smiles, which includes offering the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available.
Dental veneers are one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are usually made of thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-made to recreate the look of natural teeth. Beyond aesthetics, veneers are also extremely functional, as they provide the strength and resilience of your natural teeth, and are generally permanent. With excellent color matching technology, no one will know that they are not your natural teeth.
Veneers are a great solution for correcting the following:
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Teeth with visible chips or cracks
  • Gaps or misaligned teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
The veneers process begins with an initial consultation. In this visit, Dr. Koplow will conduct a full oral exam, determine if veneers are right for your specific case, and discuss your smile goals. During this consultation we will discuss what you are hoping to achieve with your dental veneers, possible whitening options prior to the procedure and educate you on all of your options.
The process of getting dental veneers is fairly simple, we begin by taking impressions to make temporary veneers that are worn while the laboratory is fabricating the permanent restorations (Typically 2-3 weeks). Then the teeth are prepared by removing a little of the enamel and creating room for the veneers. Once the teeth have been prepared another impression is taken, the laboratory will use this impression to fabricate the permanent veneers. Then temporary veneers are made from the initial impression taken, and are cemented in place. Once the permanent veneers are completed by the laboratory, the temporaries will be removed, the teeth cleaned, and the permanents cemented in place.
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