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At Victory Dental Group, we work hard to take care of our patients and help them have dental care at an affordable rate.

We accept a variety of insurances. The insurances we take are PPO Dental plans, which are reduced rates. We contract with Insurance Companies to do dental work at a reduced rate! The insurance we accept are:

Don’t have insurance? Don’t sweat! We also offer the Victory Gold Dental Plan, where you can have dental work done at a reduced rate, like if you were to have a Dental Insurance Plan. You save 30% off the normal fee of your dental work, so you are not paying a ton of money out of your own pocket.

You can also apply for Care Credit, where you can take out a loan. These loans can be 6 month, 12 month or 18 month loans to pay back for your dental work. The 6 month loan is interest free, so we always recommend that one out of the 3 options to our patients.

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