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Root Canals

Root Canal Dentist & Treatment Colorado Springs, CO

Your natural teeth can last a lifetime, but if injury or decay causes one of your teeth to abscess or become infected, a root canal may be an effective and healthy alternative to an extraction. Dr. Koplow and the team at Victory Dental Group offer safe and comfortable root canal treatment on most teeth.
Dentistry that relates to treating the inside or nerve of your tooth is called Endodontics. Inside each tooth, there is nerve and vascular tissue that makes up your “dental pulp.” The pulp extends down into your tooth’s root. If it becomes infected or injured, the tissue may die and lead to pain, infection and potentially an abscess.When left untreated dental infection can cause tooth loss, bone loss, infection of the jaw bone, and systemic infections throughout the body. Timely treatment of the infection is key in preventing further damage and maintaining that winning smile.
A root canal starts with the removal of the tooth’s pulp, this is done with a series of small circular files that remove all of the tissue from inside of the tooth. We then use special cleaning agents to clean the chambers of the tooth where the pulp was previously, we then use small circular paper points to dry the root canals. A special sealant and filler material is then melted into the canals to seal them off from the exposed oral environment. Once a root canal is performed, reinforcement and protection with a build up and crown may be needed to prevent further damage or the loss of your natural tooth. If the tooth is treated in a timely manner, extraction may be avoided altogether.
Follow-up treatment is rarely required for a root canal, as long as healthy habits are in place to maintain your oral hygiene.
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