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Teeth Cleanings

Victory Dental is proud to offer teeth cleaning services for your entire family. From age one to one hundred and one, we happily see and treat all patients.
Dental teeth cleanings are an integral part of maintaining a healthy smile and your overall health. In addition to proper oral hygiene techniques at home, dental teeth cleanings help to prevent larger dental problems such as periodontal disease, decay and oral infection. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that routine teeth cleanings are performed every 6 months on healthy children and adults and possibly more frequently in cases of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
During your routine dental cleaning (Prophylaxis), your dental hygienist gently removes tarter (mineralized plaque) from your teeth. Tarter occurs with even the most diligent oral hygiene habits and cannot be removed with a toothbrush or floss. These hardened deposites allow bacteria to remain on your teeth and cause an internal Immunol response within your body. If left in place, not only will the deposites grow in size, your bodies response to the infection (from the bacteria) will as well, resulting in gingivitis and periodontal disease. Professional teeth cleanings can also improve the appearance of your smile as surface stains from drinking coffee, tea, smoking and eating certain foods; are removed from your teeth.
During your dental appointment your Hygienist will use a scaler to clean any plaque and tarter from your teeth. Once all of the large articles of tarter have been removed, your Hygienist will use a very gritty polish and special brush to remove any surface staining and small particles from your teeth. Then your Hygienist will floss all of your teeth to ensure that any and all buildup and polish has been removed from between your teeth.
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