We provide winning solutions for winning smiles.

Whether you are nine or ninety, we want you to have a brilliant, confident smile!

The impact of a stunning smile can change one's personal life, professional career path, and health and happiness in general. We want only the best for our patients. Your overall dental health is of utmost importance to us, and it is our job to provide you with accurate information and all of the different possible treatment options, so that you can make the best choice for your dental needs.
Our family dentistry practice, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is dedicated to ensuring that no matter your age, you get amazing dental care throughout your life. When you visit Victory Dental Group, we will put you at ease with our friendly demeanor and fun sense of humor. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will feel a sense of belonging, as if you were among friends.
At Victory Dental Group, we believe education is key to achieving that perfect smile. Dr. Koplow and our team are constantly furthering our own education so that we can better inform and care for you. We are not a clinic, and as such, you will be comforted in knowing that you will always be treated by the same dentist or hygienist.

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